The Mastercard Foundation Grants: Giving You the Opportunity to Study in South Africa

The Mastercard Foundation Grants are open to all South African citizens aged 18-25 who have not yet completed their first degree, as well as to all citizens of African countries that have recently undergone democratization or transitioning out of conflict.

Students will have the opportunity to study at the Durban University of Technology and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, with one scholarship recipient studying at each university every year.

These fully funded scholarships provide students with access to high-quality university study in South Africa and allow them to participate in the Mastercard Foundation’s Africa Ahead initiative.

Who are they?

MasterCard, a global payment solutions company, is dedicated to being at the forefront of transforming economic inclusion. In November 2017, they announced that they would be partnering with the South African Department of Higher Education and Training as well as Stellenbosch University.

As part of this scholarship program, a fund of R40 million (equivalent to more than US$3 million) will be granted to Stellenbosch University over four years.

This scholarship is open internationally; all applicants must meet eligibility requirements which include strong leadership skills and an interest in building a more sustainable future.

Funding covers tuition and accommodation for three years and an additional allowance towards flights between your home country and Cape Town for year-round visits throughout study periods.

What can you study?

At a variety of colleges and universities, you can choose from a range of courses, such as business studies, computer science, and engineering. Studying abroad also exposes you to new cultures, ideas, and possibilities that may not exist at home.

Get started by answering four questions about yourself on The MasterCard Foundation Scholarships site. They’ll get an idea of your situation and recommend some possible schools for you to apply to that fit your needs best.

Once you’ve been accepted into a school they will award you a grant worth USD 25,000 over four years of study. Your grant is renewed annually based on your progress – there’s no limit on the number of semesters or grades eligible for renewal. Finally, successful applicants have until March 2020 before funding starts becoming available.

What are your opportunities?

This scholarship is targeted toward high-achieving students of exceptional leadership potential who can demonstrate an outstanding record of academic success, community involvement, and entrepreneurial spirit.

To be eligible, applicants must be between 17-30 years old and must come from one of the following countries: Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, or Malawi.

  1.  Winners will receive a 3-year scholarship that covers tuition costs for college courses; A laptop computer; Global experience placements at a prestigious institution outside of their home country; Mentoring support and networking opportunities with some of South Africa’s leading business executives.
  2. Applicants will compete for scholarships totaling 6 million dollars over five years – so far more than 2500 students have already registered for this program!

How do you apply?

To be eligible for a grant, you must:

  • be a citizen of an African country or have been born in Africa and emigrated.
  • have achieved excellent academic performance or have made important contributions to your community or country;
  • have demonstrated leadership potential and capacity;
  •  demonstrate financial need
  • Commit yourself to live and working back in your home country upon completion of your studies
  • Not engage in any activity that might bring you into conflict with The Constitution, laws, customs, culture, religious beliefs, or values of the host country

Benefits of winning a scholarship

Do you want to study abroad but lack the funds? Consider one of these great opportunities from the Mastercard Foundation. We are offering more than 11 fully funded grants for study in Africa, giving African students access to valuable higher education opportunities, as well as help for their families.

The scholarships offer 4-year undergraduate degrees in a range of fields including business and engineering, at world-leading institutions like Harvard University, Cambridge University, and Oxford University. So make your dream a reality by applying today!

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