2023 University of Sydney International Scholarship Grants in Australia: How to Apply

The University of Sydney provides International Scholarship Grants to students who want to study abroad in Australia but are not covered by the Australian Government’s Study Abroad Scheme (SAS).

In addition, International Scholarship Grants can be offered to students who have already received SAS funding but still wish to study at the University of Sydney.

For students hoping to study at the University of Sydney in September 2023, now is the time to apply! Here’s what you need to know about applying for an International Scholarship Grant from the University of Sydney.

Who Can Get the Scholarships?

International and Exchange students are eligible for the scholarships. Applications are open from 1st November 2022 to 1st March 2023 and successful applicants will be notified by early May.

The University of Sydney scholarship grants support international and exchange students with living costs, tuition fees, travel costs, and an orientation allowance. Successful applicants will receive a tuition fee waiver for each year they are enrolled at the university.

What Type of Students Are Eligible?

The program provides scholarships for international students to undertake undergraduate or postgraduate study at the University of Sydney. Applicants can be from any country and do not need English language proficiency; however, they must have completed their secondary school qualifications either from an Australian educational institution or another one with an equivalent curriculum.

Where are The Scholarships Available for?

The scholarships are available for students who are applying to the Master’s degree and Doctorate programs, but recipients need not reside in Australia. More information can be found on their website. We also offer undergraduate grants and international merit-based grants.

Is There an Age Limit?

There is no age limit for international students who are seeking an undergraduate program. There is a study abroad program for international students wishing to attend the university for a period, which requires that the student be 18 years old or older.

Who Has Awarded the Scholarships?

The University of Sydney is an Australian public research university located in the suburb of Kensington, it is one of the most highly ranked universities globally and the oldest university in Australia. In July 2017, the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Michael Spence announced changes to the student numbers cap policy which allows students with a higher ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) than 95% admission scores who have also completed English as an additional language and commenced their degree program before 2020 to defer their enrolment until 2022.

Are These Scholarships Need-Based, Merit-Based, or Both?

This international scholarship is open to international students and applicants who are citizens of a country other than Australia. As a non-Australian, you will have to get sponsored by an Australian organization or a faculty member at the university.

Your sponsor will need to submit a letter of support on your behalf, alongside your CV and academic transcript. You will also be required to submit two letters of reference from academics familiar with your academic achievements.

What Types of Aid Does a Foreign Student Get Once They Arrive at the Host Country?

Several things can happen once a foreign student arrives in the host country. Foreign students may have the opportunity to enroll in their desired program without delay if they are transferring from another institution. The major requirements will be assessed by admissions and evaluation committees. Once this is done, visas and any other pertinent paperwork for the student will be finalized.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Scholarships and Bursaries

The most important thing to consider before applying for a scholarship is where the money comes from. The college or organization that funds the scholarship may have specific requirements about who can apply and what you need to do to be eligible.

There are also scholarships available only for students attending an accredited program, so if you’re interested in an undergraduate program and not looking at graduate studies, these scholarships may not be open to you.

Is it Possible to Work While Pursuing an Education Abroad?

Yes, it is possible to work while pursuing education abroad. However, each country and organization differ in its policies so we recommend you speak with your university advisor before applying for any work or internships.

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